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Good Good Good Good Good Good Feelings (and that’s about it)

Jonathan Aigner just blogged about the fact that Chris Tomlin won some sort of Gospel Music Oscar for his song “Good Good Father.”

You should read it.

Aigner’s piercing critique highlights the gasping shallowness of what passes for contemporary worship: this song, according to them, is the best they have to offer.


Ponder Anew | Chris Tomlin’s “Good, Good Father” Wins GMA Song of the Year


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One Response to Good Good Good Good Good Good Feelings (and that’s about it)

  1. If I may cite Scripture with reference to Mr. Aigner (the author in question) and his demeanor in the matter in question, may I advise Mr. Aigner to heed II Timothy 2:24-26 and gently instruct and not quarrel.

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