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What Hath Manliness to Do with Christianity?

There have been a few posts on the Art of Manliness blog that address “the historical and cultural factors that have made women statistically more likely to be committed to the religion than men.”

Of particular interest is the last article, where the authors start digging for the roots of the problem. I have tended to attribute this tendency to developments within the Victorian period, if one can legitimately call Victorian parlor behavior a ‘development,’ but the authors find roots much deeper than the 19th century. But whatever has happened, the authors suggest, this represents a distortion of the true essence of Christianity. The entire series is worth reading, however.

Caveat Lector: the articles are not meant to be scholarly. I would really like to see more research done on this topic, such as this book begins to do. But these articles do raise an important topic for conservatives to consider.

The Art of Manliness | Christianity’s Manhood Problem

The Art of Manliness | Is Christianity an Inherently Feminine Religion?

The Art of Manliness | The Feminization of Christianity

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One Response to What Hath Manliness to Do with Christianity?

  1. These are interesting reads for sure. It seems what we find today are perversions of manhood in one direction or another. Either a feminine man, or a domineering man. It is rare to find biblically honorable Christian men today. This is a burden for me in my church. I have tried to offer classes and studies for just our men on a variety of topics.

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