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A Few Somethings to Think About

I am not a Millennial, I am a Gen Xer. In ten years, give or take, everything that is wrong with the world will be my fault. But my generation is nowhere near as jaded as the Millennials. No, my generation still thinks there is good stuff in church growth books that belonged in the landfill before they went to publication (let the reader recall that landfills were still OK back then). We Gen Xers are downright gullible compared to the Millennials.

Or, that’s what the demographers say about me.

When I read a critique of the miasma of American religion that hits so many of my own objections as this critique, I feel as one “born out of due season.” As with any sweeping critique, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and start throwing away things that ought to be kept. But I do like the author’s encouragement: let the church be the church, and stop prostituting itself to the demographers.

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Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Boyceville, Wisconsin. Bicycle owner and operator. I used to play in a Campus Crusade band.

2 Responses to A Few Somethings to Think About

  1. Chris,

    So I have only one question: you are not a Millennial? :)

    Since you are not, nothing you say matters to me and the rest of my generation….

  2. You started a sentence with “so,” which was my first clue that something wasn’t right. Next you called me old. Then irrelevant. You Bible church types, I tell ya…

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