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ACCC Exec. Warns against Kevin Bauder

On April 16, 2013, the executive committee of the American Council of Christian Churches adopted a “Resolution on the Danger of Neo-fundamentalism.” The key paragraph is as follows:

The neo-fundamentalist call to the convergence of fundamentalists and evangelicals rang loud and clear from the Zondervan publication Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism, a book promoted by the managers of the Sharper Iron website. Sadly, the tone expressed by the book in its presentation of fundamentalism was reminiscent of Falwell’s production a generation ago. As in The Fundamentalist Phenomenon, the book used the term hyper-fundamentalist to highlight a long list of supposed ills within fundamentalism, including loyalty to fundamentalist leaders and organizations, the willingness to make associations a consideration relevant to separation, and anti-intellectualism.[6] While it is true that fundamentalists are flawed servants of the Lord, the temptations of disloyalty, pragmatically overlooking associational compromise, and the pride of intellectualism are great dangers to the people of God in this evil day.

The paragraph cites Kevin Bauder’s chapter in particular. The executive committee further said that it is “fully aware that it is from among ourselves that men may arise speaking perverse things and drawing others after them.” Kevin Bauder is actually a member of the ACCC and has his endorsement for military chaplaincy through an ACCC-affiliated organization.

Kevin T. Bauder

About Kevin Bauder

Kevin T. Bauder is Research Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Not every one of the professors, students, or alumni of Central Seminary necessarily agrees with every opinion that this post expresses.

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  1. Ben — Eight years later and you obviously still haven't gotten over it. Get a life.

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