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Desiring God Blog denounces the “Open-But Cautious” view of charismatic gifts

Andrew Wilson, writing at the Desiring God blog (the parachurch ministry of John Piper), denounces the so-called “Open but Cautious” view of charismatic gifts as the view that’s least biblically indefensible (he’s probably right on that point):

Open-But-Cautious Continuationism, however, is almost always neither one nor the other. It involves the strange affirmation that Paul told his converts to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, and that his instructions still apply today, but that we are not especially going to follow them! This, for anyone with a high view of biblical authority, surely cannot be right. Paul’s exhortation in Romans, as we have already seen, is that “having gifts that differ, . . . let us use them” (Romans 12:6).

This is just another example (in a long line) of the Desiring God (DG) blog advocating charismatic gifts. Here, however, the blog makes clear that any compromising position is most to be discarded. I’d imagine (I could be wrong) that there are folks at DG that disagree with Pastor Wilson. Yet this is a clear and open advocacy of charismatic gifts without alloy. Cessationism is wrong, and “Open but Cautious” is an unbiblical compromise. The only option left (in their option) is full charismaticism, embracing and seeking the gifts.

Source: Are You Open to Spiritual Gifts? Exposing the Least Biblical Position | Desiring God

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