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Hurt Feelings for the Gospel

You’ve read plenty of comment threads where the only argument people can make is to insult other people. My favorite species of this is when people call other people judgmental or elitist while oblivious to the irony of such a charge. Perhaps you’ve read certain reviews and counter-reviews of recent books where there was far less interaction with the content of the books than speculation about the mental health and moral fitness of the reviewer’s interlocutor.

Depravity is fun, is it not? I speak as a fool.

You may be entirely averse to any sort of strong sentiment (besides ‘passion’) among Christians. You may even be consistent about it: you may break out in a clammy sweat when you read about Paul wishing that the Galatian heretics would emasculate themselves, or when Jesus pronounces devastating woes upon the Scribes and Pharisees. At this point, I would applaud your consistency. However, you may wish to consider that there is, indeed, a time for all things. People cross lines. Peter eschews Gentile believers. David commits murder by proxy. Grecian widows are neglected. Hezekiah shows the bad guys his treasure. The nation snuggles its idols and pretends to covenant faithfulness. Unless the Lord leaves people to their folly, feelings are going to be hurt.

In an age marked by depravity, it is OK to feel–and express–your antipathy toward manifestations of depravity. It is also OK to use appropriate rhetorical devices to convey that antipathy. In fact, it is Biblical.

But enough of my rattlings: read this excellent defense of strong rhetoric.

The Orthosphere | Crossing the Rhetorical Rubicon: A Defense of Acerbity


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10 Responses to Hurt Feelings for the Gospel

  1. I have no problem with strong words against depravity – I speak to the 80+% of white American evangelicals that supported and defend a darkened depraved serial adulterer who gloats over manipulating and abusing women, an inveterate liar and con-artist without an inkling of a moral compass but quickly grasps the name of God for his political machinations simply using tools that readily fall before the feet of this his sick, dark mind energized by the prince of the power of the air.

    What are these American evangelicals based on their behavior?? The light of the world?? HARDLY!! They have twisted themselves into religious grotesqueries hithertoo unimaginable – though I had seen the foreshadowing decades ago as they snuggled with fiendish delight into their fleshly machinations full of hypocrisy – all in the name of of “winning America for Jesus”…. As if Jesus wants to be king of America.

    Light?? NO!! Much more exemplary of the sewage of the world – while decent Americans laugh at the name of Jesus because of these lovers of corruption and flesh.

    OK – I took it easy on the strong rhetoric – but at least this should be clear….and Biblical.

  2. Greg,

    I agree that Christians shouldn’t lead with “Caesar is Lord” no matter who Caesar is.

    However: some of those 80% of American evangelicals perhaps had reasons sufficient unto themselves why they did what they did. Perhaps–and this may sound a little screechy–they even did it with a clear conscience, seeing no viable alternatives.

    When you flatten out the motives of everyone who takes a contrary position and declare them all to be unreasoning beasts, you have dehumanized them.

  3. Christopher

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    re Reasons and a Clear Conscience
    Everyone always reasons…. Isn’t that why sin has ALWAYS abounded? And, likewise, most people do so with a clear conscience – isn’t that why there are “seared consciences”? So your justification for foul, evil, anti-Christ behavior is “well, they had reasons and a clear conscience”. Are you sure that is the path you wan to go down???

    The “reasons” and “clear conscience” to worship Satan and his agent – a individual who is energized by the prince of the power of the air – does not in any sense eliminate full RESPONSIBILITY for the engaged evil – or make me look any less askance on that behavior.

    re Options
    Of course there were options – there ALWAYS are options! In fact the Kingdom of God NECESSITATES options – one of them is – DON’T VOTE! DON”T ENGAGE IN EVIL THAT GOOD MIGHT RESULT! ooopppssss…. :-(

    Christopher – I do not know whether you are a pastor or counsel people – but if anyone engaged in open sin came to you with this line of reasoning – well… you and I both know how you would react…:-)

    Frankly, I think here were MUCH bigger issues including blatant anti-Christ flesh masquerading in the name of Jesus and seared consciences – as is evident by the grotesquely foul inveterate liar they support and so many arduously defend (NOW remind me again who is the Father of Lies???).

    BTW – I am not “dehumanizing” them – they have chosen to dehumanize themselves – or, perhaps, better – their orange calf dehumanizes them….

  4. Christopher

    BTW – for a genuine follower of the Lord Jesus Christ – INTEGRITY matters (well, competence does as well – but I have never even gotten into that since deciding to support a fool and a blind moron is not necessarily an ethical issue – though I suppose some reflection, e.g. 1Tim2, Tit2 – might cause me to re-consider).



  5. Greg,

    You are shouting at me in a comment section that very few people read. You are shouting at me about politics, for which I have a deep distaste, and of which my original post had nothing to do.

    I think Donald Trump has secured your imagination rent free by adverse possession.

  6. “shouting”


    I am not intending anyone to read except for the one who wrote the OP – was I expected to?

  7. BTW – this POS is irrelevant and will be gone shortly – he is not the issue…. I am sort of surprised that my very emphatic and clear point is being missed….:-(

    Please also remember – the original point related to “Hurt Feelings”. I am sort of wondering if that dynamic is underlying your response?

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