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Machen, Hart, 2K, and Cultural transformation

I continue to find this discussion by Hart and others about Two Kingdom Theology vs. Transformationalism intriguing and helpful.

Part of the intramural debate among Presbyterians is whether or not Machen was one or the other. Hart cites these statements from Machen’s testimony before Congress concerning public education as proof that he was not transformationalist.

However, these additional comments by Hart are exactly why I cannot consider myself Two Kingdom (and here is another discussion of the comparison, by the way), for (at least Hart’s version of) Two Kingdom theology argues that there is no real Christian “worldview” that influences public life, and that therefore there is really no “Christian” way to do things like education.

Becky’s recent post argues against this view, and I have argued elsewhere for a middle position between 2K and transformationalism. In short, I argue that biblical values must affect every realm of the Christian’s life, inside the church and out, but there is no mandate to–and, indeed, the church music not–somehow “transform” culture.

Ah, the joys of being a dispensational presuppositionalist!

Scott Aniol

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