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MBA Board Withdraws Approval from NIU

At its annual meeting on June 29, the board of the Minnesota Baptist Association withdrew its approval from Northland International University. This means that scholarships from the MBA and its subsidiary organizations will not be offered to students who choose to attend Northland International University.

Kevin T. Bauder

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Kevin T. Bauder is Research Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Not every one of the professors, students, or alumni of Central Seminary necessarily agrees with every opinion that this post expresses.

6 Responses to MBA Board Withdraws Approval from NIU

  1. This is nice to know that they are still making decisions about items like this. Will the MBA ever make the decision to honor the contracts and financial obligations to all the faculty and staff that were at Pillsbury when the MBA decided to cease academic operations?

  2. Sam,

    Seems that you appreciate the decision. Many do, though others have questioned it.

    The MBA has never conducted any academic operations. Consequently, the MBA never made a choice to cease any academic operations. The MBA has no contracts that I am aware of with past faculty or staff at Pillsbury or any other institution that I am aware of. So I have to say that I'm not quite sure what your question could even mean.



  3. Kevin,

    Thank you for your response. I would have to disagree with you about the MBA relationship with Pillsbury. The Pillsbury board was under the auspices of the MBA and all authority was given by the MBA to the PBBC board as per the bylaws of the MBA.

    How would you address the issue in regards to this? If the MBA is not fully responsible for the happenings that took place at Pillsbury and the PBBC board didn't answer to the MBA, what recourse can individuals who worked at Pillsbury (and was sent letters from the PBBC board – saying they were responsible for financial obligations owed them) can do?



  4. Sam,

    I'm not sure what's to disagree about. The situation is as I have summarized it. You yourself note that the PBBC board exercised "all authority" over the institution. All contracts were with the PBBC board, all actions were taken by the PBBC board. The MBA had no role in those decisions and no authority to reverse them. Like everyone else, the MBA lost money in the collapse of Pillsbury (lots of money).

    So when you ask how I would address the issue, I'm not even sure what issue you mean. I also don't know what individual you are talking about who "was sent letters from the PBBC board," or what letters were sent, or who the "they" was who were supposedly assigned responsibility for the financial obligations, or who the "them" was to whom the financial obligations were supposedly owed. Your question is too vague to permit a response.

    I do know that faculty and staff were hurt when the school closed. They found themselves suddenly out of a job, just as thousands of other Americans did during that same economic downturn. Sadly, some of the very same people have suddenly found their employment relationships canceled by NIU during its present financial crisis.


  5. Kevin

    Thank you for your gracious reply. I will pass this information on to the individual I was discussing this issue with. You are right a lot of individuals were hurt when Pillsbury was closed. I know that the hurt still runs deep today with the handling of all the aftermath associated with the closing of Pillsbury.

    Thanks again


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