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“The Baptist Bearing Robes and Incense”

“There is a solemn procession to the altar. The choir is chanting. A bishop in a long, black robe and a full, gray beard swings an incense burner back and forth. We bow. We cross ourselves. It’s a typical Sunday service at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia.”

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4 Responses to “The Baptist Bearing Robes and Incense”

  1. The headline is confusing and misleading. From an inital reading with American eyes, a reader would think of the Georgia with peaches, Atlanta, and the Masters'. Instead, the article is really about Georgia the former Soviet Socialis Republic with Tiblisi and Stalin.

  2. Considering the wide variety of folk who use the adjective Baptist in their name, it wasn't until the third paragraph that I began to understand the article was about Georgia in the Cauacus.

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