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What Would Jesus Text? Smartphones Are Changing How We Worship

Here’s an article that relates to yesterday’s–this time by a secular blog–that deals with the interplay between technology and worship. I’m a tech geek, but it does worry me a bit that everyone is asking “What can we do?” and not asking the very important question, “Should we?” We must remember, as media ecologists like T. David Gordon always remind us, that changes in media are not just changes; every change comes with gains and losses, and the losses must be considered just as much (perhaps even more so) than the gains.

It’s all part of the broader “digital shift” — in this case, a paradox between age-old practices and 21st century adaptations. To Bobby Gruenewald, founder of YouVersion’s Bible app, it’s a healthy trend that every practicing religion should embrace.

“The general idea is to leverage today’s technology in a way that engages this generation,” “The general idea is to leverage today’s technology in a way that engages this generation,” he tells Mashable.

He compares today’s digital worship to the advent of the printing press, a technology which transformed centuries-worth of Biblical education. “Could this just be one of those moments where [digital] might change not just this generation but many more to come?” he asks. “I think so.”

via What Would Jesus Text? Smartphones Are Changing How We Worship.

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