Augustine on that which deserves the name “love”
Too often, contemporary Christianity sees all emotions or affections as essentially equal. For this reason, many conclude as long as some kind of religious emotion is evoked, some good has been done. Augustine did not believe that all loves were equal. In fact, he distinguished between different kinds of genuine spiritual love. This comes out in many different places in his writings. Consider, for example, this wonderful passage from The Trinity: It follows that in [more]
Last week I argued that if we believe in verbal-plenary inspiration, then the meaning of the aesthetic forms we employ in our contemporary worship must accurately correspond to the meaning Scripture's aesthetic forms had in their original context. What we need to concern ourselves with is what both Kevin Vanhoozer and Nicholas Wolterstorff call “fittingness.” ((Vanhoozer, The Drama of Doctrine, 108ff; Nicholas Wolterstorff, Art in Action: Towards a Christian Aesthetic (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1987).))  [more]
A Worship Catechism (7)
39. What is meant by imagination? Imagination is that faculty which interprets and construes reality, and enables us to understand both what is seen and unseen. 40. How are we to behold God in His revealed and reflected presence? We are to gaze persistently (Lk 11:5-13, 18:1-8) and deliberately upon His Word and works, diligently seeking His Person (Prov 2:1-5), as our ultimate delight and dependence. 41. What are the responses of a new nature to illumination? Beholding the glory of God leads to blessing and beautifying God in admiring adoration (Ex 33:13-18; Ps 27:4) and desiring a deeper union [more]
Justification and the Gospel
First Things, founded in 1990 by the late Richard John Neuhaus, has become the flagship neo-conservative journal of opinion. Its mission has been to argue for a “religiously informed” public philosophy. Not surprisingly, the journal has brought together conservative writers from the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions. One of the evangelicals who writes for First Things is Peter Leithart. His academic pedigree includes Hillsdale College, Westminster Seminary, and Cambridge University. He was once an associate of Douglas Wilson and served as dean of the graduate school at New Saint Andrews College. He is now the president of the Theopolis [more]
Aesthetic Correspondence
In this series of essays, I have argued that Scripture presents God's truth to us, [more]
A Worship Catechism (6)
33. What is meant by communing with God? Communing with God is beholding of the [more]
Thanksgiving: The Primary Worship Response
In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln established an annual national holiday of Thanksgiving to be observed [more]