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As part of our ministry to help believers think biblically about worship, Religious Affections Ministries publishes Christian books and recordings.

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Trade customers, typically, are established bookstores. To receive the customary 40% trade discount, please contact us directly with your order and shipping information. Credit on purchases will be extended on a 30-day basis from date of invoice to established customers. New customers may establish credit on their first order by pre-paying by check or credit card.

Discounts are based on single orders, shipped and invoiced to a single location. The minimum order for books is $10.00 net.

Our Current Publications



A Conservative Christian Declaration by Kevin T. Bauder, Scott Aniol, David de Bruyn, Michael Riley, Ryan Martin, Jason Parker
This declaration reaffirms a historic commitment to fully orbed conservative Christianity.
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The Conservative Church by David de Bruyn
This book encourages church members in general and pastors in particular to consider practical methods to recover a more full-orbed Christianity in the context of a local church.
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Worship in Song: a Biblical Approach to Music and Worship by Scott Aniol
Wars are raging. These are not wars of flesh and blood, but of ideas – ideas about music and its role in life and the Church. Worship in Song attempts to address these important and sometimes controversial issues from a Scriptural foundation.
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Sound Worship: a Guide to Making Musical Choices in a Noisy World by Scott Aniol
This is a book about making musical choices. But not just any choices. This is a book about making musical choices that are deliberately informed by the Word of God. It is about making choices that are discerning, wise, beneficial, and edifying. This book is about making musical choices that will bring glory to God.
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Sound Worship: Teacher’s Edition by Scott Aniol
The Teacher’s Edition for Sound Worship: A Guide To Making Musical Choices in a Noisy World by Scott Aniol includes the full text of the book, 14,000 additional words of instruction, illustration, explanation, discussion questions, student handouts, and more.
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Building Conservative Churches: Practical Ways to Restore Essential Christianity in the Church by David de Bruyn
Christianity could die in one generation. The nature of Christianity (and any other religion, for that matter) is that the generation that professes it is responsible to preserve it and propagate it to the next. A failure to do so will mean that, at least as far as living adherents are concerned, Christianity will cease to be. For this reason, all Christians ought to be conservatives. Christians ought to be concerned with conserving all it means to be Christian, so as to pass this on to others. This booklet encourages church members in general and pastors in particular to consider practical methods to recover a more full-orbed Christianity in the context of a local church.
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Christianity and Cutlure by J. Gresham Machen
Preface by Kevin T. Bauder
Machen believed that culture (understood in the sense of high culture) was extremely important. The categories that one received from one’s culture either enabled or disabled the understanding of biblical Christianity. Consequently, culture was far too vital simply to be ignored, and it could not be destroyed without doing injustice to our humanity. On the other hand, culture was not simply to be given the final word. Where culture enabled a right understanding of Christianity, it had to be nourished and fostered. Where culture challenged Christianity, its claims had to be faced squarely. If Christianity was to maintain its plausibility, then the possibility of its claims had to be vindicated.
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On Loving God by Bernard of Clairvaux
What is love? In his text On Loving God, Bernard surveys the four types of love that Christians experience as they grow in their relationship with God: loving oneís self, selfish love, loving God as God, and loving oneís self in God. Bernard reminds us that not only did God give us life, but He gave us Himself. For indeed, ìGod deserves to be loved very much, yea, boundlessly, because He loved us first, He infinite and we nothing, loved us, miserable sinners, with a love so great and so free.î Bernard reminds us that we are indebted to God for his love and His sacrifice. Not only should we love God because it is what He deserves, but also because loving God does not go without reward. Loving God is to our advantage. The Lord rewards those who love Him with the blessed state of the heavenly Fatherland, where sorrow and sadness cannot enter. St. Bernardís medieval prose is poetic and full of clever imagery. His work is as beautiful as it is knowledgeable.

Recovering Intentional Worship: Some Things to Consider Including in Your Church Service by David de Bruyn
The worship of the evangelical church has been ravaged by the triviality and banality of popular culture, the unanswerable appeal of pragmatism, and the ubiquitous presence of entertainment. The pastor who cares about offering God the worship He deserves faces the same question: is it too broken to fix? Do I start over? Do I steadily repair what is broken? In this booklet, David de Bruyn hopes to highlight the benefits of certain worship practices that are sometimes missing from the free-worship traditions in order to show how a wise use of these practices can only improve the worship we offer God.
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Conduct of Public Worship
by John A. Broadus
Originally published as part of his Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, Baptist leader John Albert Broadus explores helpful principles regarding the public worship of the church.
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Rejoicing in Christ, the Newborn King: 25 Meditations for Family Worship During the Christmas Season
by Taigen Joos
These 25 scriptural meditations on the birth and nature of Christ include fully-scored hymns to sing along with the devotional time.
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Music Recordings

God Himself is With Us: the Gospel Proclaimed Through Hymns by Scott and Becky Aniol
Through beautifully arranged vocal solos and duets, Scott and Becky Aniol proclaim the good news of God’s plan to dwell among His people. These rich hymns, accompanied by light acoustic instruments, will stir your mind and heart to rejoice in the gospel!
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