The Nature and Purpose of Corporate Worship: Edification, not Expression
Paul's central argument in the only full NT chapter addressing corporate worship is that for corporate worship, the spiritual gift of prophecy was to be desired more than the gift of tongues. Even though this core argument may not be directly applicable in a day when tongues and prophecy have ceased, I have been demonstrating the past couple weeks that the reasons Paul gives for his argument reveal central principles about the nature and purpose of corporate worship that apply in all times. So far I pointed out that since tongues was a gift meant as a sign to unbelieving Israel, and prophecy is direct revelation from the Lord for the edification of believers, Paul's central argument elevating prophecy over tongues reveals that corporate worship is primarily for believers, not unbelievers. I have also shown that since speaking in tongues would be beneficial only for the one speaking, Paul's argument [more]
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