The Work of Ministry
Last week we saw that since all who are in Christ are priests who are able to draw near and offer sacrifices to God, therefore, all believers should be active participants in worship. But there is a second biblical reason that all believers should actively participate in corporate worship, and it is connected to the formative purpose of corporate worship. In previous posts I have stressed the fact that what we do when we gather for corporate worship is not only expression toward God, but rather, corporate worship is a weekly time in which we cultivate our communion with God through renewing our gospel vows, and the Word-centered elements of our worship help to continually sanctify us and mature us in our relationship with God. In Ephesians 4, Paul continues to discuss this nature and purpose of the church and in particular emphasize the importance of all the members of [more]
Imaginative Knowing
The Priesthood of All Believers
Imagination and Understanding Reality
The Holy Spirit and Production of Scripture