Imagination Formed by Scripture’s Music
The way that you live will be controlled ultimately by your image of the good life—what it means to really flourish and prosper, And, in particular, your image of what it means to flourish in relation to God's rule is what controls your life. This is what we have been seeing from Psalm 1 over the past couple of weeks. The psalms have been given to us to help us know how we should live in the midst of world in which it appears that wickedness is actually flourishing, a world in which we are bombarded by the kind of counsel that says, "Free yourself from God's rule—that's true flourishing." But as Psalm 1 demonstrates, and truly blessed person will not walk in that that kind of counsel, he will not allow his image of prosperity to be shaped by a wicked imagination. Rather, “his delight”—what will shape and [more]
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