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conservativenetworklogoOur network search allows you to search for an individual or church in your area who affirms the philosophical distinctives of “A Conservative Christian Declaration.” Individuals listed in this directory also affirm the historic Christian creeds as well as at least one post-Reformation confession of faith. Being included on this list does not indicate agreement in every area–even important ones. It simply indicates agreement on fundamental doctrine and conservative philosophy. There are other issues that may prevent cooperation on some levels, but this is at least a starting point for finding others with generally like-minded conservative values.

Please note the following before searching:

  • A church’s listing in this directory should not be considered an endorsement by Religious Affections Ministries.
  • This is a listing of individuals and not necessarily churches.
  • Individuals self-submit their information, which indicates their personal affirmation of the Conservative Christian Declaration.
  • Individuals are minimally screened by a RAM board member.
  • Religious Affections Ministries reserves the right to remove a listing from this directory.

If you would like to list yourself in this directory, please click here. Listing yourself provides the following benefits:

  • You are enabled to express your affirmation of the general philosophical principles articulated in the Conservative Christian Declaration.
  • You can identify yourself with likeminded individuals and churches in your region.
  • Others moving to your region can find your church based on their shared affinity for the principles in the manifesto.
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