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Tune My Heart

The TUNE MY HEART series
from Religious Affections Ministries
provides resources
for personal and family worship,
including Bible reading aids,
catechism, hymns, and more.

Introduction and Explanation of the Plan and Devotional Aids

Why is family worship important? Read Scott Aniol’s explanation in Let the Little Children Come: Family Worship on Sunday (and the Other Six Days Too). This book contains biblical rationale and practical tips and resources.

Features of the 5 Day Bible Narratives Reading Plan:

  • Read through all of the major narratives of Scripture, plus Psalm and Proverbs, in a year.
  • Read only 5 days per week.
  • Perfect especially for children, families, or individuals who wish to focus a year’s reading only on the Bible’s narratives.

Most of the resources are available for free download or in helpful print versions (see below).

Free Downloads

Print Resources

Tune My Heart: Bible Narratives Devotional Guide for Individuals or Families

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The goal of this Bible narratives reading guide is to provide a resource that focuses on the narratives and poetry of Scripture. Scott Aniol has created a 52-week Bible reading plan that focuses only on the narratives of Scripture, along with all of the psalms and proverbs. Further, the plan schedules readings for five days per week, giving readers the weekend to catch up if they fall behind.

This guide includes notes, summaries, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion for each day’s readings. It also includes a 52-week catechism and a passage of Scripture to memorize and a hymn to sing each week.

This resource could be used in a number of ways. An individual could use this for personal Bible study and meditation. The plan also works perfectly for upper elementary age children, and the study notes will help answer questions they might have. Parents could use this for family worship as well, reading the passages together and using the questions for discussion. The notes will also help the parents be able to answer questions their children (or they themselves!) might have as they read. Or a whole family could read through the plan together, parents and older children reading the passages individually earlier in the day and using the memory passages, hymns, catechisms, and reflection questions during family worship.

Tune My Heart: Bible Narratives Worship Guide

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The Tune My Heart Worship Guide includes the 5 Day Bible Narratives Reading Plan, 52-Weekly Catechism, bible memory, and weekly hymns that correspond with the larger Devotional Guide. It does not include the study guide notes.

This resource is intended for use by each member of a family during family worship or for personal worship.

Tune My Heart: Bible Narratives Personal Journal

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Download PDF version

This spiral bound volume contains the reading plan, catechism, and Bible memory, along with the three reflection questions for each day’s reading and room to write responses. This is idea for personal devotion, or for children as they prepare answers for later family discussion.