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Below you can find resources from previous conferences:

2019 Knowing, Loving, and Ministering: The Substance of Conservative Christianity

David Huffstutler – Acts 11:19–26

Michael Riley – “Not with Lofty Speech or Wisdom” (1 Cor 1)

Steve Thomas – “Servanthood in the Age of Celebrity” (1 Cor 3)

Jason Parker – “The Body Is for the Lord and the Lord for the Body” (1 Cor 6, 7)

Ryan Martin – “Becoming All Things to All Men: True Gospel Ministry or Why Becoming a Christian Hipster was the Farthest Thing from Paul’s Mind in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23” | Paper

Scott Aniol – “Decent and Orderly Corporate Worship” (1 Cor 14) | Paper

Steve Thomas – “Standing Together for the Truth” (1 Cor 16)

Steve Thomas – Wednesday Evening Sermon

2018 Knowing, Loving, and Ministering: The Substance of Conservative Christianity

Chris Ames – 1 Peter 2:1-3

Kevin Bauder – What Does It Mean to be a Conservative Christian?

Ryan Martin – Love for Christ and Scripture-Regulated Worship

Michael Riley – Results Now: The Anti-Conservative Core of American Religion

Jason Parker – Faith Working Through Love: Conservatism as the Fruit of Gospel Faith

Scott Aniol - Citizens and Exiles: Christians, the Church, and Culture

Greg Stiekes – Worship Acceptable to God

Kevin Bauder – Love the Lord Your God

2016 Knowing, Loving, and Ministering: The Substance of Conservative Christianity

Kevin Bauder – Scripture and Conservative Christianity

Ryan Martin – Human Affectivity According to Scripture

David deBruyn – Persuasion Without Manipulation: Conservative Preaching Without Being Boring

Jason Parker – Neo-Babylonian Captivity? Conservatism that Sets the Church Free to Serve in Our Secular Future

Scott Aniol – Form and Substance: The Regulative Principle and the Aesthetics of Scripture

Chris Ames – Improvident Piety: Christianity for the “Me” Generation

2015 Knowing, Loving, and Ministering: The Substance of Conservative Christianity

Chris Leavell: A Conservative Christian Perspective on the Environment

Jason Parker: Gifts of Love: Everything About Us Matters to God

Mark Swedberg: Proverbs 2:1-8

Mike Harding: Trends that Threaten Conservative Christianity

Michael Riley: Scripture as the Standard for our Feelings

Scott Aniol: Practice Makes Perfect: Culture and the Liturgies of Life

2010 Conservative Worship Symposium

Scott Aniol: Introduction

Michael Riley: Toward a Theology of Absolute Beauty

Mike Harding: The Beauty of God

Tim Fisher: The Meaning of Pop Culture

Aniol: How Can We Conserve Biblical Worship?

2009 Music Ministry Conference

Aniol: “Who Regulates Worship?”

Kevin Bauder: “Evaluating Hymn Texts”

Kevin Bauder: “What a Hymn Does”

Kevin Bauder: Imagining God Through Hymns

Kevin Bauder: Good Hymn Texts

2008 Music Ministry Conference

Mike Harding: “God’s View of the Arts”

Scott Aniol: “Why Do We Use Music in Worship?”

Mike Harding: “Music that Glorifies God”

Mike Harding: “Music That Glorifies God, Part 2”