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Meeting Endorsements

“I appreciate Scott’s willingness to be God-centered in both his philosophy and practice of corporate worship. His emphasis will challenge you as a pastor as well as your people to be actively engaged in worship, rather than merely being spectators. I highly recommend him to you.” Pastor Taigen Joos, Heritage Baptist Church, Dover, NH

“Scott ministered to our church for all three services on a Sunday. His presentation was clear and biblical. Scott is theologically informed, an excellent musician, and familiar with the aesthetic debate that surrounds the music issue. What I most appreciated was that Scott’s presentation was based on principles, not primarily applications. His ministry helped our people to understand that worship is about God and not us. Several of our members told me personally that Scott helped them to understand the issue of worship.” Pastor T. J. Klapperich, Calvary Baptist Church, Winter Garden, FL

“Scott does a great job of clearly and simply presenting what the Bible teaches about music. His messages were some of the most beneficial I have ever heard. I also appreciated the humble spirit in which the material was presented. You will benefit greatly from his ministry in your church.” Pastor Del Ward, First Baptist Church, Sterling Heights, MI

“Scott’s sessions were thorough, Biblical, and practical. Having him with us Sunday through Wednesday, speaking six times, allowed him to address issues with a breadth and depth that was much appreciated by our people. I am so glad we had him come and highly recommend you have him speak at your place of ministry.” Pastor Scott Estell, Faithway Baptist Church, Ypsilanti, MI

“Scott Aniol exemplifies personally the God-centered music philosophy he’s urging upon churches corporately.  He’s become known for his gracious, scriptural conservatism movingly ministered through beautiful music wed to sound theology.  I rejoice that the Lord has burdened him to help Fundamentalism develop even more scriptural conviction and passion for Christ through its music ministries.” Pastor Mark Minnick, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

“Scott has combined both the theological and aesthetic aspects of this subject in a profound and applicable presentation. Scott’s excellent background in music, theology, aesthetics, and pastoral ministry highly qualifies him to address the pertinent questions that require in depth knowledge and practical wisdom. I have known Scott in our church and Christian school for over twenty years. He is an outstanding speaker, musician, singer, composer, and Bible student. Moreover, he is a godly, separated Christian minister with an exemplary family whom God has uniquely equipped for this unusual task. I heartily recommend him to you, your congregation, your Christian school, and all of our fundamental Christian colleges and seminaries.” Pastor Michael Harding, First Baptist Church, Troy, MI