Harold Best vs. Ken Myers on Musical Meaning
This is an excellent illustration of where Evangelicalism is on issues related to music and worship. I'm thankful to 9Marks for doing this. It's very instructive. The folks at 9Marks asked three questions to two individuals who have written and spoken on the subject of musical meaning: Can God employ any musical form for redemptive purposes? Even if God can employ any musical form redemptively, are some musical forms spiritually or morally “better” than others? [more]
The Regulative Principle of Worship
Pastors and parishioners perennially battle over who has authority in matters of church practice, particularly in corporate worship. Should what happens in the corporate gatherings of God's people fall under the control of church leadership, or should these decisions be left to congregational input and direction? If the former, are pastors to be guided by particular traditions and directories, or may they choose whatever they believe to facilitate goals toward which their congregation assembles? If [more]
Article 13: On Today’s Congregational Music
This is a series to further explain the articles of “A Conservative Christian Declaration.” Article 13: On Today’s Congregational Music We affirm that twenty-first-century churches must worship God in their own words, with their own voice. We add the qualification that these expressions must be expressions of ordinate affection and build on the tradition that represents such, while answering to the twenty-first-century imagination. We further affirm that every man is to sing with understanding (1 Cor 14:15) and that good music or poetry may be simple. Finally, we affirm that church music ought to be beautiful. We deny that music choices should [more]
Was Barnabas an Apostle?
Was Barnabas an apostle? This question is important because it is related to the larger question of whether or not apostles exist today. If the NT gave a pattern of apostles being added to the original Twelve (and Paul), could there be apostles today? I explained in previous posts that the Twelve and Paul had a unique apostleship that singled them out from others that were called apostles in Scripture. In this post (and more to come), I will examine who else was called an apostle in the NT and the meaning of the term apostle as it applied to [more]
Another Five-Views Book
Multiple-views books have become a bit of a fad. The format lends itself to comparison [more]
Immodest hymns
Perhaps the most influential figure to express a reaction against the condition of music in 19[more]
Change your tastes
During the years I was in college and the one year before I was married, [more]