Matt Recker and The Gospel Coalition: Part Two
In his recent series on The Gospel Coalition, Pastor Matt Recker devoted an entire essay to the doctrine of Scripture. Pointing to a 1956 article in Christian Life magazine, he noted that one element in the development of New Evangelicalism was a “re-opening of the subject of biblical inspiration.” He argued that this re-opening led some evangelicals to question the doctrine of inerrancy by the mid-1970s. According to Pastor Recker, certain statements by [more]
A syllogism on the morality of culture
All human behavior is moral. Culture is human behavior. Therefore, all culture is moral. For more: "Towards a Biblical Understanding of Culture"[more]
Gospel impact and the world’s approval
Christians today seem to assume that the best way to have the greatest gospel impact in the world is to gain the world's approval and acceptance first. If we can just earn their respect, perhaps they will give us a better hearing. There is certainly some truth to this: our behavior before the unbelieving world should be respectable so that we don't ruin the reputation of the Christ and his gospel (Matt 5:16, 1 Peter 3:1-7). This itself has gospel impact. However, what many Christian mean is more than this; they mean that we need to do what the unbelieving world does, [more]
The Son’s Merit Upon us – Permission to Worship
All the worth I have before Him Is the value of the Blood; I present when I adore Him, Christ, the First-fruits, unto God. Him with joy doth God behold, Thus is my acceptance told. "Brought Nigh" - "W.R." The mystery of marriage is that two become one. The deep symbolism of marital union is a picture of the soul united with God. Paul tells us that marriage, where two bodies and souls join, represents Christ and the church (Eph 5:33). For just as the union of bodies and souls makes one flesh, so Christians together make up the body [more]
The Character of a Christian Leader
“Pay careful attention to yourselves” (Acts 20:28). “Keep a close watch on yourself” (1 Tim 4:16). Paul gave [more]
Matt Recker and The Gospel Coalition: Part One
For many years, Matt Recker has been a church planter and pastor in New York [more]
Announcing the Conservative Christian Network
The mission of Religious Affections Ministries is to help churches conserve and nourish historic, biblical [more]