Judging Matters of Freedom
Modern Christians are in the habit of labelling all sorts of things as 'matters of Christian liberty' or 'areas of preference'. We do not doubt that these adiaphora ("indifferent things") exist; Scripture explicitly deals with them in Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8-10. The question is, how do we identify them? Genuine adiaphora can be identified by a process of elimination. Anything explicitly commanded or prohibited is clearly not an area of liberty. Further, anything [more]
The Promise of Life That Is in Christ Jesus
In 2 Timothy 1:1, Paul identifies himself as “an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God according to the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus.” Paul was “an apostle of Christ Jesus” in that he was chosen, called, and sent by Christ Jesus to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15; 26:16–18). This apostleship was sovereignly ordained and took place “by the will of God,” and its purpose was [more]
Facing Our Mortality
Don Odens My father found it necessary to address end of life issues from time to time but could not bring himself to discuss his own death openly. Discussions always began with the phrase, “If something happens to me….” Dad’s difficulty was as much cultural as personal. Many Americans, including believers, go to extreme lengths to avoid dealing head on with illness and death. We believe that medical science should cure or prevent all illness. We hide death behind closed doors, glimpsing it only momentarily as we view a corpse made to look as lifelike as [more]
Wanted: Hymn Proofreaders
I am pleased to announce that we have now published 230 free, downloadable hymns on our online hymn collection, which means that we are within just a few months from being ready to publish our print hymnal! If you are curious, here is the final list of hymnal we intend to include in the print hymnal. This is where we need your help: As we prepare the hymns for the hymnal, we need as many people as possible help us proofread the hymns. Lyrics, punctuation, capitalization, format, spacing, harmonization, spelling, notation--there are so many small details in producing hymns! If you [more]
Matters of Conscience and Freedom
Scripture devotes two sections of the New Testament to explain how certain choices in the [more]
An Overview of 2 Timothy and Four Commentary Recommendations
While some books of the Bible can be neatly outlined, others are not while nonetheless [more]
A Philosophy of Police Chaplaincy
Roy Beacham Having described in the previous essay how God directed me into police chaplaincy, [more]