Loud Clanging Cymbals
In the last issue, I wrote about a speaker who deviated from his topic to deliver certain remarks—apparently extemporaneously—in defense of contemporized worship. I am not interested in indicting the speaker, but I am interested in evaluating the soundbites that found their way into his address. Last issue I discussed his suggestion that we are required to sing new songs. Now I wish to examine the next soundbite. Here it is: What’ [more]
Fundamentalism and a Conservative Philosophy of Culture
Last week I suggested that biblical cooperation is not an "all-or-nothing" sort of thing, but is rather dependent upon the particular matter under consideration and the circumstance, whether it be simple fellowship, joining a church, or proclaiming the gospel. This was the genius of the idea of fundamentalism. Beyond refusing to recognize as Christian those who do not believe the gospel, fundamentalism asserts that cooperation among Christians will be dependent upon the level to which [more]
Moses, Reproach, and Suffering for Christ
What does it mean that Moses “considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt” (Heb 11:26)? Did Moses understand who Christ was and thus knowledgeably suffer His reproach? Or does “the reproach of Christ” mean something else? Consider three options below suggested by others. First, and dodging these questions altogether, some see this passage as being translated to refer not Christ but to Israel as God’s “anointed.” This translation and interpretation is similar to how the psalmist refers to Israel as “your anointed” in Ps 89:51. Thus, Moses takes the reproach of the nation upon himself [more]
A New Song?
It is possible to disagree with people whom we respect. I had that experience earlier this year when I heard a speaker try to defend several aspects of contemporized Christianity. His name doesn’t matter, but what he said does. While I genuinely appreciate some of the leadership that this speaker has shown, his remarks in favor of current worship trends require evaluation. To be fair, I should note that this speaker had recently taken some personal criticism, particularly over the kind of heavy-thumping rock-and-roll that he was using for worship. He evidently felt that he needed to respond to [more]
The Center of Christian Unity
The purpose of this series is to ask the question of whether a conservative philosophy [more]
A Brief Word on Contentment
If you could wish for the one thing you want most and have this wish [more]
Reading to Understand Conservatism
The current political season has revealed that many avowed conservatives are less driven by ideas [more]