Teaching Overseas: Life’s Small Challenges
Jeff Straub Teaching overseas is a great opportunity, but it is not without challenges. These challenges abound in the wider world. Little things or big things cause discomfort to Westerners who are accustomed to conditions back home. Last week, I mentioned waiting in line. This is a standard feature in some parts of the globe. Most people have no place to go and the local employees have few incentives to expedite service, so your patience will be greatly appreciated. Standing in line is just a part of the culture and complaining will only make things worse. Do not expect that things will change for the Westerner. If anything, it might get worse. Personal space is a luxury that we enjoy in the West that may not be available elsewhere. No one cares how crowded things are or how overpacked the bus is. If there is a seat on the bus, [more]
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