Why Tolkien Wrote About Middle-Earth
Some Evangelicals' credo might be: "There is only one Tolkien, and Peter Jackson is his Prophet." While there is no denying that the art of John Howe and Alan Lee made the films a visual feast, or that Howard Shore's scores were moving and memorable, let us set aside the movies for a moment and return to Tolkien himself. Tolkien once wrote a letter to Milton Waldman, a friend and editor at Collins. The letter [more]
Did God Choose Some unto Damnation?
If God decreed all things, did He actively decree that some would sin, be unbelievers, and thus be punished forever? If we were to ask Jesus for an answer to this question, He might point us to His words in Matthew 25, a prophecy of the judgment of believers and unbelievers to come at His return. ((Says Spurgeon from his Rom 9:15 sermon “Jacob and Esau,” commenting on Matt 25:41, “At the last great day, [more]
Indefensible Dispensationalism 2
In the last issue of In the Nick of Time I suggested that one of the reasons for the decline of dispensational theology is the irresponsible conduct of some dispensationalists. I pointed particularly to those dispensationalists who scan the newspaper headlines for signs that the Rapture is about to occur. Dispensationalism has always had these sign-seekers, but their approach is neither careful nor thoughtful. In fact, I believe that sign-seeking dispensationalism poses several problems that ought to leave it discredited among historic, biblical dispensationalists. The first problem is really the worst: the New Testament offers no signs that will precede [more]
National Anthems and the Universal Language
While watching an Olympic medal ceremony a few evenings ago, I remembered a blog post I wrote over ten years ago (on a now extinct blog) about national anthems and the universal nature of musical communication. Here's what I wrote (March 28, 2005): In discussing the cross-cultural communication power of music with a friend of mine, Michael Riley, he suggested that I research the national anthems of various countries to see if the themes that the music communicates are similar. I thought it was a great idea, so I typed “national anthems” in Google and found this site [Note: the site [more]
What Is Propitiation?
What is propitiation? John states that Jesus “is the propitiation for our sins, and not [more]
Receive a MA or PhD in Worship Studies without Relocating
For the past five years I have had the privilege of teaching at Southwestern Baptist [more]
Indefensible Dispensationalism
Dispensational theology has gone out of style. Fifty years ago, probably a majority of American [more]