Where The Differences Lie
Useful debate takes place when sparring parties understand their opponent's position, and can represent it in terms the opponent would agree with. Apart from this proper knowledge, disagreements cannot be profitably discussed, for the disagreements are not even properly understood. What follows this ignorance is usually a headache of talking past one another, flaming straw men, arguing against caricatures and stereotypes, dismissing positions out of hand – all in all, much sound and fury, signifying nothing. [more]
The Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches has entered its ninth decade. Messengers from its 90 churches gathered in Nevada, Iowa on April 13-14. I had the opportunity to attend the meeting as a representative from Central Baptist Seminary. It was a bittersweet experience. The sweetness came from a long history with the IARBC. At the end of 1968, my father moved our family to Ankeny, Iowa so that he could attend Faith Baptist Bible College. At [more]
Kauflin calls for dropping the term “worship leader” in favor of “music pastor”
Bob Kaulfin is now saying what many of us have been practicing for years. Glad to see it: A Call for Musical Pastors | Worship Matters.[more]
Is “cultural transformation” part of a church’s mission?
There is a lot of talk today about cultural transformation. This has led to discussions about whether such a thing is part of the mission of the church. Is it a church's job to transform culture? Well, it depends on what you mean by that phrase, which is why it is necessary to define exactly what we mean by "culture" and "transform." I have argued before (and I argue in my forthcoming book) that culture falls under the broad category of human behavior. We wouldn't necessarily consider all human behavior "culture" since culture relates specifically to collective behavior, but all [more]
The Ditches of Discipline
Many devotional writers through the centuries have not only emphasised the disciplines variously considered, but [more]
The Rebirth of Martin Luther
In April of 1511, Martin Luther went to Wittenberg, a city of 2,000 to 2,500. Luther received his [more]
The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising: A Review Article, Part 2
Jeff Straub Last week, I began to evalutate Steve Shadrach’s book on raising [more]