Limited Atonement: Evaluating the Argument
I want to discuss Limited Atonement (Definite Atonement, Particular Redemption—I choose to use the traditional terminology). At the moment, I am not concerned with the question of whether Limited Atonement is true. What I am concerned with is the way that some Calvinists argue for it. Before we can even discuss the argument, however, we have to recognize an important distinction. The atonement involves two aspects: provision and application. The distinction between these is [more]
Vote so as to obey the Second Greatest Commandment
The current presidential election in the United States has presented a conundrum of sorts for conservative Christians. My aim here is not to defend any position or support any candidate. Rather, I would like to answer the question, why should a Christian vote in this presidential election? But first, I need to address bad reasons for Christians to vote. Unfortunately, this presidential election has brought out some of the worst in professing Christians, and one [more]
Convictions and Preferences
The evangelical world has come to make much of the distinction between convictions and preferences. For example, evangelical preacher Andy Stanley recently preached a sermon in which he stated that preferences arise from emotion, while convictions are based on principle; preferences are oriented toward here and now, but convictions are oriented toward the future; preferences are influenced by what others think, whereas convictions are influenced by what God thinks; preferences can be abandoned for the sake of immediate pleasure, but convictions are “seen as something with which one can obtain a reward;” preferences are convenience-oriented while convictions are [more]
New Hymns added to our free online collection
We have just added 25 new hymns to our collection. These hymns are free to download in both full page and half page formats. We are building this collection (which will always remain free) toward the end of publishing a print hymnal, and we are getting very close to completing this project! You can download these hymns at You can help us as we move closer to producing the hymnal! First, you can download, print, and sing these hymns, helping us to proof the hymns. If you notice any errors in the hymns, please let us know! Second, [more]
Cooperation and Culture: Conclusion
The gospel is the boundary of Christian fellowship and cooperation, but the degree to which [more]
Biblical Illustrations of Loving the World
Worldliness in 1 John 2:15–17 could be described as valuing what is temporary more than [more]
Events Around Central Seminary
The new school year has been underway for just over a month. So far it& [more]