Four Approaches to Classical Christian Education, Part 2: Towards a Definition
I recently wrote a post introducing a new series about the four distinct ways that evangelicals are doing classical Christian education in 2015--more than 30 years after Doug Wilson re-introduced us to Dorothy Sayers and the Trivium. I asserted that, despite the many who claim that classical Christian education is the Trivium and its “stages,” this is just not true. Classical Christian education does not equal the Trivium or the three stages of child development. There’[more]
Are emotions universal?
This is a fascinating article in many ways. It traces the scientific debate concerning what, exactly, emotions are and whether they are universal or not. This issue has a good deal of relevance for discussions of the arts, for art, especially music, communicates at least on one level through mimicking human emotional expression. Here are a couple key points from the article, but I encourage you to read the whole thing: Paul Ekman's research has [more]
Consecration: Rescuing the Lawful from Idolatry
As we grow in communion with God, we are convicted in a different way. We become aware that we have compartmentalized our lives, and certain compartments have little of Christ in them. They may be completely lawful: family, food, work, leisure, hobbies, art, or other human pursuits, but we grow restless as we see how God is not the ultimate end of these parts of our lives. The word consecration comes from Latin words meaning sacred and bring together. To consecrate is to dedicate something for sacred purposes. Romans 12:1 captures what we are to do: I beseech you therefore, brethren, [more]
Special Revelation
General revelation encompasses truth concerning God that can be known by experiencing or examining what God has done, whether in the natural world or in the human conscience. General revelation is always indirect. In contrast to general revelation, special revelation always involves the direct disclosure by God to humans of truth that humans did not know and could not otherwise have known. Special revelation is God speaking. According to the first verse of Hebrews, God spoke in different ways and at different times. In other words, special revelation has not always come in the same way and it has not [more]
How Preaching Shapes Liturgy
Every church follows a form of liturgy, whether intentional or not.  Unfortunately, some churches tend [more]
Spurgeon on counterfeit affections
At this blog, we are concerned about the affections. We believe that true Christian love [more]
Liturgy is cool
Carl Trueman recently addressed the phenomenon within Millennial evangelicalism that is increasingly regarding ancient liturgical [more]