When are the Twelve Days of Christmas?
You can't escape them. There are 12 Days of Christmas contests on the radio, 12 Days of Christmas sales at the mall, 12 Days of Christmas charity drives, and, of course, that very long song. Most people (in America, at least) seem to assume that these infamous twelve days describe those leading up to Christmas Day, as evidenced by the aforementioned contests and sales. And yet it is actually that very factor--the American marketing machine--that has led to [more]
Submission: Loving His Authority
In brief: whether a man be good, better, or best of all; bad, worse, or worst of all; sinful or saved before God; it all lieth in this matter of obedience. - Theologia Germanica Communion with God implies conformity to his will. “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?”, asks the prophet Amos (3:3). Whoever communes with God has a strong desire to match his will to God's. Paul said, “Since we live by the [more]
Central Seminary Announces New Leader: Matt Morrell Becomes Sixth President
On the evening of December 7, 2014, the congregation of Fourth Baptist Church authorized its pastor, Matt Morrell, to become the sixth president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. The church vote was the final step in a months-long process that began when Sam Horn announced his intention to leave the presidency in January. The result is that Central Seminary will have both a new president and a new provost. Who is Matt Morrell? For the past six years he has been the senior pastor of Fourth Baptist Church in Plymouth, Minnesota. Before accepting the pastorate at Fourth Baptist he was the youth [more]
All Things to All Men | Part 5: What the Passage Means (vv22-23)
In 1 Cor 9:22, Paul says, “I have become all things to all men that by all means I might save some.” This should not be seen as a declaration of ministry pragmatism, but a rhetorically powerful restatement of the great depths of slavery Paul embraced to make Christ known to all men. Indeed, one could very well see it as a fulfillment of what Christ told Ananias that he himself would do with the Apostle: I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name (Acts 9:16). The Apostle Paul, back when he was a blind, new [more]
Was Jesus born in the bleak midwinter?
Understood as poet Christina Rosetti meant it, the answer to the question posed in the [more]
Living to God-Worship
"Let me seek Thee in longing, let me long for Thee in seeking; let me [more]
A Look at the Lists: Pastoral Passages and the Character of a Christian Leader
Several “C’s” help me organize my pastoral theology. A pastor must have the call, [more]