Reflections on the 96th Annual Meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International
Jeff Straub Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, held in the beautiful facilities of Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana. My good friend, Wendell Heller, started this church and the ministry continues now under its third pastor, Chuck Phelps. The FBFI is a fellowship of individuals, in distinction from the GARBC which is a fellowship of churches. In addition to seeing a number [more]
John Makujina’s Preface to the Third Edition of Measuring the Music
The closing of Old Paths Publications combined with continued demand has occasioned another printing of Measuring the Music, under a new publisher. Therefore, the author in conjunction with Religious Affections Ministries is pleased to present the third edition of Measuring the Music. This version is essentially a reprint of the second, with minor corrections and rewording. (It does not represent a content revision or updating—which, though necessary, is not feasible at this time.) Even [more]
Calvin Johansson’s Foreword to Measuring the Music
As I write this foreword we are halfway through the last year of the last century of the second millennium A.D. Far from being a warmed-over cyclical version of previous epochs, this century of centuries birthed much that was genuinely new: unparalleled advances in science, technology, computer systems, and powerful media cartels for both the dissemination of information and the molding of public opinion. Yet the most invasive innovation, the broadest and deepest revision, was the transformation of society into a new type of culture with a concomitant change in societal values which goes to the very heart of [more]
My favorite parts of Measuring the Music
I announced yesterday the publication of the Third Edition of John Makujina's classic analysis of the Contemporary Christian Music movement, Measuring the Music. If I remember correctly, I first encountered Measuring the Music the year after it was first published in 1999. Since then, I have read the book several times through, consulted it often, and assigned portions for my students to read. Among my favorite parts of the book are the following: Makujina's thorough articulation of a biblical theology of worldliness in Chapter 1 is second to none. In particular, Makujina takes head on the typical evangelical misinterpretations of 1 Corinthians [more]
Making Measuring the Music by John Makujina Available Again!
I am very pleased to announce the publication of a Third Edition of John Makuina's [more]
The importance of cultural discernment in Christian education
If Christian educators are intent upon educating their students with truth, both its factual content [more]
The Four Approaches to Classical Christian Education, Part 4: The Bluedorn Interpretation of Trivium-As-Stages
So, I started this series awhile ago, and it's not that I'm not enthusiastic about [more]