A Good Man, a Good Christian, a Good Fundamentalist
When I was in Bible college, seminary training was considered a luxury—perhaps useful, but not at all necessary for pastoral ministry. Consequently, the idea of going to seminary didn’t enter my mind until the end of my junior year. At that point, two events led me to seminary. First, a professor liked a paper I wrote and encouraged me in that direction. Second, Bryce Augsburger came to preach in the church where [more]
A New Catechism
Through the years as our children have grown, we have given attention to catechizing them. We've used several different catechisms, and have found this traditional question/answer format to be of great value in teaching our children the core doctrines of our faith. However, for a number of reasons, some practical and some doctrinal, I have never found the perfect catechism. Here are some of the things that have been priorities for me: I want [more]
What Psalm 137 Does
Over the past several weeks, we have been looking at Psalm 137 and its relevance for Christian today. I have presented the historical background of the psalm and argued that it has significant relevance for us since, like the author/audience of Psalm 137, Christians are exiles living among a pagan people. Now let us consider once again the immediate context of Psalm 137. Imagine that you are a Hebrew. Your home has been destroyed, your Temple and capital city have been decimated, hundreds of your neighbors have been brutally murdered, including many women and children. In fact, the invading armies [more]
Tolerance (2) – We Oppressed Left-Handers
It is becoming abundantly clear to many that the call for tolerance has in fact not been a call to tolerate all opinions everywhere, but to express agreement and endorsement of certain groups and positions. The LGBT community, feminists, non-Christian religions, minorities or previously oppressed ethnicities are usually those said to be suffering from intolerance from others and requiring greater tolerance from others. This is a tad disingenuous, for two reasons. First, if there were no tolerance of such groups, their voices would not be heard in the media, and their marches would be illegal. They would be in jail [more]
What Is the Sin That Leads to Death and the One That Does Not?
1 John 5:16 (ESV) states, “If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading [more]
Why I Spend Time with “Old Men” in Ministry
Jeff Straub Throughout my 35+ years of ministry, I have been privileged to meet a [more]
A Homeschool Mom Reads: 2017 Reading List and January Books
I haven't done a reading post in awhile. It's not that I haven't been reading, [more]