Love for Christ & Scripture-Regulated Worship 7: Loving What Christ Loves
I am forming an argument for Scripture-regulated worship from two pillars: the authority of Christ and our love for him  (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6). If Christ is Lord, then we should obey him. But we should also obey Christ because we love him. The way Christ exercises authority in the church is through the apostles, and the writings of the apostles are the way Christ's authoritative teachings have been communicated to us. So regulating our worship according to Scripture is the way we submit to Christ's lordship with respect to our worship. Christ's apostles not only dictate the doctrine and practice of churches, but the worship of churches (which is an important part of our practice). And we ought gladly allow our worship to be regulated by Scripture because we love Christ. There’s another way in which love for Christ leads us to Scripture-regulated worship. Now, all that I’ve already [more]
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