The Rockford Conference
Kevin T. Bauder Every year I travel through a kind of circuit of conferences. Some I speak at and others I just attend. It’s rare for me to go to any given conference every year. Some move around from year to year (especially those that are connected to groups like the FBFI) and these are often too distant for travel. Others get scheduled when I’m supposed to be teaching, and that [more]
New Hymn by David Oestreich and Josh Bauder
In January I mentioned the sudden passing of our friend, David Oestreich. David had been a supporter and occasional contributor here on the blog, and his tragic death due to complications from pneumonia was a shock to us all. David was quite an accomplished poet. He had several of his poems published in various collections, and he had even had a solo collection published--"Cosmophagy." After David died, I stumbled across his poetic setting of " [more]
The Future of Seminary Education, Part II
Brett Williams In my last article, I discussed the future of seminary education in relationship to consumer-driven academia and consumer-craving ecclesiology. It seems as though the mass of ministerial pragmatism, multiplied by the acceleration of globalization in higher education, has produced such a force within contemporary religious education that there is little to do but watch. Consumerism, it seems, is here to stay, deeply embedded into the life of church and seminary. Given the students what they want! This new relationship is generally seen as benign and nearly universally accepted as the next stage in educational evolution. The question remains, [more]
Jesus: the Pioneer and Perfecter of our Faith
In Hebrews 12:2, Jesus is identified as “the founder and perfecter of our faith.” What do these two titles mean? The title “founder” is variously translated: “author” (NASB, NIV, KJV, NKJV); “pioneer” (NET Bible); “source” (HCSB). Other suggestions in commentaries are “forerunner,” “initiator,” “beginner,” “champion,” “leader,” and “originator.” I remember a sermon in which He was the “trailblazer.” The same Greek word (archēgos) is used to identify Jesus as “the Author of life” in Acts 3:15. Likewise, God exalted Him as “leader” in Acts 5:31. Closer to our meaning and within the book of Hebrews itself is Hebrews 2:10: “it [more]
What Do You Mean, Relevant?
Kevin T. Bauder Many contemporary American Christians obsess over relevance. They seem to feel personally [more]
A Tidbit on “Taste”
This week I am studying Psalm 34, and the two instances (one noun, one verb) [more]
Cleanse Yourself: A Look at Paul’s Metaphor and Its Application in 2 Timothy 2:20–21
In between two passages telling Timothy how to deal with false teachers (2 Tim 2:14–19, [more]