A Theology of Rejoicing
Everybody likes a party, and for those so inclined Luke 15 might rank as their favorite chapter of the Bible. Here we learn of the rejoicing of the shepherd who finds his lost sheep (Lk 15:6), the woman who finds her missing silver coin (Lk 15:9), and the father whose prodigal son returns (Lk 15:22-24). Furthermore, Luke 15:7 and 15:10 remind us that times of rejoicing take place in heaven whenever a sinner comes to [more]
Overlooking Differences in Hope for Unity in Evangelism
For nearly fifty years, Jay Adams has been occasionally cited as a model for a theologian who supposedly discourages evangelism because of his understanding of election and the atonement. Said Adams in his well-known statement from 1970 in his book Competent to Counsel: “As a reformed Christian, the writer believes that counselors must not tell any unsaved counselee that Christ died for him, for he cannot say that. No man knows except Christ himself who [more]
Who Made You the Authority?
The explosion of information on the web has made the idea of authoritative information almost a thing of the past. A CGI-Enhanced Youtube video about the non-existence of the South Pole is as accessible as the online Encyclopedia Brittanica's information on Antarctica. The crowd-edited Wikipedia is found as easily (or more so) than a peer-reviewed journal. The Internet has not only granted full democracy to all ideas, it has tended to flatten out all judgement, and scrap a sense of hierarchy of trustworthiness. No longer do canons of received knowledge exist in hard-bound Oxford or Cambridge Press volumes. No longer [more]
The “market” for our hymnal
A friend recently asked me, "What is your target market for your hymnal?" It's a fair question. In the modern Christian hymnal publishing industry, editors have a target market in mind, and they choose to include songs that are commonly sung in that market so that they can sell hymnals. Usually, they aim for a relatively large market. Hymnal publishers usually take surveys, poll hundreds of churches, and include a wide variety of people on the editorial committee. The result is that modern hymnals usually include 700 songs or more so that everyone's favorite songs are included, making the hymnal more [more]
Celebrating a New Decade: Retrospect and Prospect
Roy Beacham Central Baptist Theological Seminary was founded in 1956. Upon the closing of Northwestern [more]
A new hymn pairing
As we move closer to publishing our print hymnal, Hymns to the Living God, I [more]
David: An Example of Wisdom in Youth
Referring to David as the king-to-be (about 20 years of age), God stated to Saul, [more]