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First 25 Hymns Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the first 25 hymns of our free hymn resource are now available! Simply click “Hymnal” in the menu bar above. You may also direct others to this resource using the following URL:

Please Donate

We provide these hymns free of charge, but they were not free to produce! It costs us $875 to produce 25 hymns, and thus far we have raised enough funds to produce only two batches.

Would you consider donating to continue support of these and future hymns?

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Free Subscription

In order to download the hymns, you will need to subscribe. Subscription is free of charge and allows us to track the downloads; members will also receive emails when new hymns are added to our collection.

When you visit a hymn page below, you will be asked to enter your email address.

Hymn Features

Each hymn PDF is embedded with keywords. Place all of your downloaded hymns into one folder on your computer, and you can easily search by keyword.

Hymn List

  • Ah, Holy Jesus
  • Day of Resurrection, The
  • Depth of Mercy! Can There Be?
  • Give to the Winds Thy Fears
  • God Himself is With Us
  • God of Abraham Praise, The
  • God, Be Merciful to Me
  • He Who Would Valiant Be
  • Head that Once Was Crowned with Thorns, The
  • Holy God, We Praise Your Name
  • How Sweet and Awful is the Place
  • How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
  • If Thou But Trust in God to Guide Thee
  • Jerusalem the Golden
  • Jesus Lives, and So Shall I
  • Jesus, Priceless Treasure
  • Jesus, Still Lead On
  • Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me
  • Morning and Evening Prayer
  • My God, How Wonderful Thou Art
  • My God, I Love Thee
  • My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
  • My Song is Love Unknown
  • There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  • Thou Hidden Love of God, Whose Height

Head over to the hymnal page, and then let us know what you think!

Scott Aniol

About Scott Aniol

Scott Aniol is the founder and Executive Director of Religious Affections Ministries. He is Chair of the Worship Ministry Department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he teaches courses in ministry, worship, hymnology, aesthetics, culture, and philosophy. He is the author of Worship in Song: A Biblical Approach to Music and Worship, Sound Worship: A Guide to Making Musical Choices in a Noisy World, and By the Waters of Babylon: Worship in a Post-Christian Cutlure, and speaks around the country in churches and conferences. He is an elder in his church in Fort Worth, TX where he resides with his wife and three children.

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