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I am thrilled to announce a new web site that we have been developing that seeks to help pastors, church music directors, and other church music directors as they choose music.

If you have spent any time at all choosing music for your church, you know how much time, effort, sweat, and (sometimes) tears (!) required to wade through stacks of music from a variety of publishers in order to find those dozen or so gems that will work for your church.

If a church has a full-time music director or pastor, this task is a bit easier since that director can give hours of his time to the task. Even so, this task is daunting!

However, most churches with no full-time director have a problem – not enough time! Most smaller churches simply choose to trust one or two publishers from whom they get the bulk of their music. The problem with that is two-fold: (1) these churches are missing out on perhaps the best music, and (2) not all that these “trusted” publishers produce is very good.

So what is the solution? is here to help.

We have indexed hundreds of choral, instrumental, and vocal selections from dozens of publishers. We regularly add music daily to this index.

The benefit of is that it eliminates at least one layer of filtering for you. You sill still need to work through the music on the site to find things that fit for your church, but at least you know that what you’ll find on has been filtered and includes only the best, conservative church music.

The site also includes a powerful search feature and a helpful theme index to help you find what you need.

On the flexibility of form in worship

Most of the selections have audio and visual samples for you to review as well.

Our hope is that will be agreat help to conservative churches!


Scott Aniol

About Scott Aniol

Scott Aniol is the founder and Executive Director of Religious Affections Ministries. He is Chair of the Worship Ministry Department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he teaches courses in ministry, worship, hymnology, aesthetics, culture, and philosophy. He is the author of Worship in Song: A Biblical Approach to Music and Worship, Sound Worship: A Guide to Making Musical Choices in a Noisy World, and By the Waters of Babylon: Worship in a Post-Christian Cutlure, and speaks around the country in churches and conferences. He is an elder in his church in Fort Worth, TX where he resides with his wife and three children.

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