Two Goodbyes
Sunday morning found me in Mason City, Iowa, preparing to preach to Faith Baptist Church. Before leaving our hotel I decided to check my email. There was a note from Larry Pettegrew informing me that Tom Zempel had collapsed that morning while running. Later in the day another email said that Tom went home to be with Jesus shortly after being taken to the hospital. Three days later, on Wednesday morning, I received another note, [more]
Tozer’s First Concern – Illumination
It would be easy - or more precisely, lazy - to dismiss Tozer's concern with the doctrine of illumination 1 as a form of flakey quasi-prophecy or dreamy mysticism. Presumably, some of Tozer's contemporary critics did just that. Among Evangelical Rationalists, the truth is in the text, and the Philosopher's Stone is solid hermeneutics. Apply the literal-grammatical-historical method, and all turns to gold. Tozer had some Wesleyan and classical Pentecostal leanings, to be sure. But [more]
The regulative principle as an important doctrinal distinctive
Over the past few weeks I have been showing how various aspects of worship theology and practice have necessarily divided orthodox Christians into separate denominations. I have shown, in particular, how views concerning the Lord's Supper and baptism are significant doctrinal distinctives that prevent full ecclesiastic cooperation. In addition to differences over theology and practice of the ordinances, disagreements over the authority of Scripture upon worship practice also led to denominational division. As with the Lord’s Supper, Luther and Zwingli could not agree on this point. Luther taught that whatever is free, that is, neither commanded nor prohibited, by [more]
Carnal Christians? Part One
Jon Pratt One of my former professors, Charles Hauser, has recently written in support of the “carnal Christian” view as a way of describing the reality of sin in the believer’s life (Nick, 3/4/16 and 3/11/16). In response, I offer this essay in respectful dissent and in support of the more historically grounded position that there is only a single category or class of Christians: the regenerate (or sanctified or spiritual or justified or any number of adjectives used to distinguish believers in Christ from non-believers). Though not intended as a point-by-point response to Dr. Hauser’s [more]
Tozer’s Three Concerns
Although A.W. Tozer's writings ranged over all kinds of topics, three concerns dominated Tozer's [more]
Baptism as an important doctrinal distinctive
Last week I showed how views concerning the Lord's Supper constitute an important doctrinal distinctive [more]
The Difference Between Grooming and Taxidermy
I ran into a situation recently where I was searching high and low for the  [more]