A Homeschool Mom Reads: May 2016
We finished school this month, so that has, thankfully, left me with some more time to read. As a summer goal, I'm going to try each month to read some fiction, have a biography or history going, and also have a more purely didactic book going (on education, theology, Christian life, parenting, etc.). We'll see how I do with that goal after the baby comes in a few weeks! Here's what I read in May: [more]
Lessons from a Worship War for a People in Exile
Here is a sermon I preached yesterday at our church that's relevant to matters we discuss often here. Read 1 Kings 18:1-40 The Rise and Fall of the Hebrew Empire This account of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal is one of the most well-known and colorful narratives in the whole of the Old Testament. It is often taught to children, it was set as an Oratorio by nineteenth century composer Felix Mendelsohn, and it [more]
On Accusation and Rebuke
A bishop has to meet stringent personal qualifications, the broadest of which is that he must be “blameless” (1 Tim. 3:2). Of course, blameless does not mean sinless, but it does require at minimum that no credible charge of scandal can be lodged against him. In other words, a minister’s reputation is one of his most precious earthly possession. To destroy his reputation is to destroy his ministry. The responsibility for protecting a minister’s reputation is not his alone. The people to whom he ministers also share that duty. Anyone can accuse a minister of anything [more]
Blurring doctrinal distinctives with Church Growth
Last week I discussed how the Praise and Worship movement has blurred important doctrinal distinctives between churches and denominations by making musical style the predominant issue for church identity and for choosing a church. The church growth movement built off this tendency to define a church’s identity by musical style and recognized it as a technique to grow a church. ((Walwrath, The Message in the Music, 14.)) Church growth leaders such as Ed Dobson insisted that musical style was an essential element of church growth: We wanted a musical style that would elicit a response. Unchurched people come to a [more]
Weep With Those Who Weep
Jeff Straub Ecclesiastes 3:4 reminds us that there is a “time to weep.” If [more]
100 free hymns now available for download!
We now have one hundred hymns available for free download on our online hymnal. These [more]
Tozer’s Third Concern – Worship and Entertainment
Perhaps Tozer used more ink on the topic of worship than on any other. As [more]