We saw last week that in order to counteract the negative effects of worldly liturgies, the liturgies of our churches must be shaped by Scripture. So let us specifically consider the liturgies in Scripture for a moment. The Mosaic Law is filled with them, and these liturgies help us to see both the purpose of liturgy and how one should be formed. In particular, the liturgies of Scripture illustrate what is the seventh key point [more]
Change and Die?
I don’t know Pastor Travis Smith, but I like and respect him. For one thing, he has ministered at the same church for thirty years—an exceptional achievement, and one that I believe glorifies God. For another, he has a pretty decent blog, “From the Heart of a Shepherd,” in which he specializes in applying principles from the book of Proverbs. Though I’m sure we could find points to [more]
Corporate Worship is Formative
Last week I mentioned that we are inevitably shaped by worldly liturgies, and so we need something to counteract this. This is where it will be useful to narrow the definition of leitourgia to how it has been used at least since the LXX as the work of the people in corporate worship. Most evangelicals today consider corporate worship as simply a Christian’s expression of authentic devotion toward God. Yet here is the sixth peg of my argument: Liturgy—considered now in terms of corporate worship—is not just an expression of “authentic” devotion; liturgy is formative. It is [more]
The Discipline of Loving God’s Command to Love Others
An obvious, but easily missed truth about loving others is that it is a command from God. What did Jesus say we are doing when we keep his commandments? He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him. (Joh 14:21) Love obeys, for love wishes to please. When we are told by God to love someone and we do so in obedience to him, it is ultimately an act of love for God. We do [more]
The adoration of God is one of the most neglected practices in American evangelicalism. Many [more]
Worldly Liturgies
Our aim over the past several weeks has been to discover how Christians can cultivate [more]
Most of the time I write these essays either in my study during working hours [more]