Conservative Christianity: A Reading List
A friend recently emailed asking for a basic reading list that would introduce an interested individual to conservative Christianity as we articulate it here at Religious Affections Ministries. Here's what I came with. What would you add? I would start with our A Conservative Christian Declaration as an introduction to the fundamental ideas we believe are essential to conservative Christianity. David de Brun's Building Conservative Churches is great as well. Those are good introductions; here [more]
Judging as God Does
Only if we grow in discernment, understanding what kind of God God is, understanding the meaning of actions and objects in God's world, and therefore what kind of words, affections, or attitudes are appropriate to him, will we love what God loves. As Thomas Traherne said, “As nothing is easier than thinking, nothing is more difficult than thinking well.” So how do we get this discernment that will grow our love for what God loves? [more]
Our word church is comes from the older kirk (Scottish) or kirche (German), which in turn derives from the Greek adjective kuriakos, meaning “belonging to the Lord.” The Greek term directly behind our word church, however, is ekklesia, a combination of the preposition ek (“out of”) and the verb kaleō (“to call”). Ekklesia could refer to those who have been called out of something, and, as applied to believers in the present age, it refers to people who have been called out of this dying world to be part of the church, the body of Christ. Ekklesia is used four [more]
This has been the final week before the beginning of the fall semester at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Our faculty has spent most of the week on in-service meetings. These meetings are complicated by the fact that Central Seminary is closely related to both Fourth Baptist Church and Fourth Baptist Christian School. While each of these institutions has its own distinctive mission and purpose, the three together share a common vision and a mutual ethos. Friday (the day that In the Nick of Time is sent out) will be student orientation. Central Seminary is receiving upwards of twenty new students [more]
Some Thoughts about the hymnal Cantus Christi
I have had a chance over many months to get to know the hymnal Cantus [more]
We’re publishing a print hymnal, too!
Last week I announced our plans to produce a free, quality online hymnal resource and [more]
Conformity: Skilful Engagement
We behold God's beauty and beautify it in creation when we wisely and skillfully use [more]