Mark the Evangelist: Faithful Despite Failure (Part 1 of 2)
We'll use a few headings and explanation to look at the life and ministry of Mark the evangelist over the next two or three weeks. As told in the title, Mark could be summarized as one who was faithful despite failure. Beginnings: A Christian Home Mark (also known as John or John Mark; cf. Acts 12:12) lived with his mother Mary (likely a widow) in Jerusalem (cf. Acts 12:12). Acts 12:12–17 gives the account of an all-night prayer [more]
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Reflections on Summer Teaching, Part Four: Challenges of Short-Term Missions
Short-term mission trips are now part of the warp and woof of evangelical Christianity. Like so many other things, short-term trips have their pros and cons. Last week, I considered some of the virtues of taking a short-term missions trip. This week, I want to examine some of the challenges and difficulties. These issues are not deal breakers—they may not prohibit an individual or church from promoting a trip. But they may change the nature of the journey, its goals, and maybe even its location. In short, anyone considering such a venture should do a cost-benefit analysis of the [more]
Why you should read the book rather than watch the movie
The purpose of this essay is not to argue that visual media is inherently evil. Nor is its purpose to contend that visual media lacks any value. The purpose of this essay is to prove that printed media is simply better than visual media, and when faced with the choice to choose one or the other for spiritual, educational, or recreational purposes, a conscientious person should choose printed media over visual media in most cases. With each of the following points the possibility of immoral content is erased, quality in each form is assumed, and each medium is evaluated for [more]
Pleasing or Placating?
Belief and trust in the Father's unconditional love for us should prompt us to a [more]
Reflections on Summer Teaching, Part Three: The Short-Term Missionary
Travel through any international airport in the world today, especially during the summer, and you [more]
Knowledge Puffs Up
Love edifies. It builds up others. When Christians love other believers, they take concrete steps [more]