A Homeschool Mom Reads: July
After the fun beach and car reading of June, I was ready for some nourishing fare this month, and that was just what I got. I have rarely had such an encouraging and refreshing month of reading, in terms of the books themselves, as I had this month. I started about three or four books that I just couldn't get into until I went to the library one day... Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry This [more]
The Minnesota Baptist Association
Very few of the current organizations within Baptist fundamentalism existed before the 1920s. Of those, I know of only one that was actually founded before the Northern Baptist Convention (now the American Baptist Churches in the USA). This grandfather fellowship among fundamental Baptists is the Minnesota Baptist Association. For decades, the legal name of the MBA was the Minnesota Baptist Convention. It used to be the state Baptist convention in Minnesota. For some years, it [more]
Applications from <i>By the Waters of Babylon: Worship in a Post-Christian Culture</i>
Ultimately, this book is not meant to address very specific application; rather, I have sought to lay the biblical groundwork that will allow church leaders to make informed, practical decisions regarding the relationship between worship and culture as they seek to reach an increasingly pagan culture. However, I will draw several general conclusions and applications from the arguments I have presented. Christians should resist equating culture with race. As I have suggested, the idea most likely associated with culture today is “race,” and any attempt to critically evaluate a particular cultural expression is, therefore, judged as racism. Yet as this [more]
The GARBC in Omaha
This summer I was able to attend the annual meetings of three Baptist fellowships. One of those was the annual conference of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. The conference was held Monday through Friday, June 29-July 3, in Omaha, Nebraska. Of the three groups whose meetings I visited, this was the one with which I have the most history. My parents were converted through the ministry of a GARBC congregation. From the time I was a very small child I was reared in GARBC churches. Both the college and the seminary that I attended were GARBC-approved institutions. Three of [more]
Is Self-Love Always Selfishness?
We all say we're against selfishness. But what is selfishness? And if God hates selfishness, [more]
Summary of <i>By the Waters of Babylon: Worship in a Post-Christian Culture</i>
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? If I forget [more]
The Discipline of Thankful Enjoyment
Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, [more]