A Worship Catechism (13)
84. What are the disciplines of public worship? The disciplines of public worship are recognition, service, discipleship, and corporate worship, which seek to behold, reflect and magnify God's glory in the society of others. 85. What does the discipline of recognition entail? Recognition is repeatedly submitting to the biblical view of our neighbor as a means of loving God, and thinking of all men as such. 86. How is our neighbor a means of loving [more]
[This essay was originally published on August 8, 2008.] Fundamentalists are notorious for their refusal to dialogue with other points of view. To some observers—and to some fundamentalists—this refusal to dialogue is part of the definition of fundamentalism. It is an aspect of their self‐identity. It makes them what they are. Some fundamentalists believe that any form of dialogue represents a compromise of conviction. They believe that they already have the truth, and any [more]
A Worship Catechism (12)
76. What disciplines will nurture faith and maintain abiding in God's presence? We must embrace disciplines of private worship, public worship, and perpetual worship. 77. What are the disciplines of private worship? The disciplines of private worship are meditation, private prayer, and memorization, which seek to behold reflect and magnify God's glory in solitude (Mt 6:1-9). 78. What does discipline of meditation entail? Meditation is beholding God's glory in His Word, by reverently interrogating the meaning of Scripture, particularly in its analogies, for its interpretation and application, and often accompanied by journaling (Jas 1:25, Ps 1:2). 79. What do we [more]
Ending the Year, Beginning the Year
As of last Monday, I’ve spent nineteen years as a professor at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. That’s more years than I spent in pastoral ministry (about fifteen or sixteen), and certainly more than I spent printing checks, selling appliances, teaching college students, guarding a major communications facility, stocking and pulling auto parts, laying hot asphalt roofing, building commercial displays, or working as a life guard. That’s not an exhaustive list—a man can work quite a number of jobs if he’s been in the market for upwards of four decades. Of everything [more]
A Worship Catechism (11)
67. How is faith nurtured? Faith is nurtured through the grace-enabled practice of the spiritual [more]
Top Posts of 2016
  Here are the most read posts written in 2016, from #10 down to #1: [more]
A Worship Catechism (10)
60. What is the Spirit's work in this cycle also known as? Grace: He grants [more]