A Homeschool Mom Reads: August and September
August: August was back to school month for us as well as me getting ready to speak at a conference, so, while I didn't get much read, two out of three of my books were excellent. Caught Up in a Story by Sarah Clarkson I bought this after listening to Sarah on a podcast at the Read Aloud Revival. I wasn't disappointed. She articulates why I'm so careful about what my kids read. I want [more]
The Two Beatings of Jesus 
Each gospel records one instance in which Jesus was beaten just before His crucifixion, but it seems that a comparison of these accounts indicates that Jesus was beaten more than once. In trying to sort out the details, it is helpful to remember that a beating by the Romans could vary in intensity, and three Latin terms for their beatings show that one beating could be worse than the other. First, a fustigatio was the [more]
The Rapture
God did not present His entire revelation at once. This fact can be grasped almost intuitively. The Bible contains sixty-six books. They were written over a process of at least fourteen hundred years. It makes sense that God would continue to reveal truth all through the canon. Often the newer revelations serve to fill in the details of previously-revealed information. For example, Genesis 3:15 gives a promise of a future seed of the woman, someone who will crush the serpent’s head. This promise implies a future Redeemer who will save people from their sin. In Genesis 3, however, details are [more]
Praying for what God has promised
The Scriptures teach us to pray for the things that God has promised. We often pray for things that we are unsure of. We often pray for health problems or for people to obtain employment or for a president to be of a certain political persuasions. This is good. We should continue to do this, for God tells us to (e.g. James 5:16; Luke 1:13). Instead of being anxious, we should let our requests be made known unto God (Phil 4:5). Even here, however, we should remember that our Father in heaven knows what we need before we ask him (Matt 6:8). God [more]
Book Review: Bonding with Your Child Through Boundaries
Since reading a highly recommended secular parenting book earlier this summer out of curiosity, I've [more]
Thoughts on Baptists and Independence
Sometimes things that look alike are actually quite different. One mushroom cooks up into a [more]
Stop inviting God to your worship
We hear it all the time in corporate worship services: "God, we invite you to [more]