The Character of a Christian Leader
“Pay careful attention to yourselves” (Acts 20:28). “Keep a close watch on yourself” (1 Tim 4:16). Paul gave the former of these commands to the Ephesian elders and the latter to Timothy who later served in Ephesus when several elders failed to heed such a command. As one can see, despite the slight difference in wording, the commands are essentially the same – pay attention to yourself, that is, your conduct, behavior, or way of life in Christ. Acts 20:28 [more]
Matt Recker and The Gospel Coalition: Part One
For many years, Matt Recker has been a church planter and pastor in New York City. He has started churches in Brooklyn and Queens, and he presently pastors the Heritage Baptist Church in Manhattan. He has written and taught on urban ministry, becoming recognized among fundamentalists as something of an authority in these areas. Recently, Pastor Recker has also been writing against what he calls the New Calvinism, by which he means mainly The Gospel [more]
Announcing the Conservative Christian Network
The mission of Religious Affections Ministries is to help churches conserve and nourish historic, biblical Christianity by clearly articulating the teachings of the Bible concerning truth, goodness, beauty, and rightly ordered affections in life and ministry. One of our recent projects to help with this mission was the writing and publication of "A Conservative Christian Declaration." We are already hearing about ways that this resource is helping pastors and churches define conservative biblical Christianity. Another of our goals with the Declaration is to provide an informal network of individuals who affirm the values expressed in the Declaration. This will provide [more]
Faith Works
Many believers are tormented by a kind of introspection that keeps any assurance of salvation at arm's length. They are possessed with the fear that their faith is not genuine or sincere. Fortunately, God has given an external, visible form of verification for faith: works. Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, "You have faith, and I have works." Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. (James 2:17-18) Is this salvation by works? No. We are justified by faith alone. [more]
John the Baptist: A Mighty Messenger
I wrote the below for a brief article in my church bulletin. The bulleted points [more]
I Don’t Understand
Organizations often choose names that advertise their purpose or emphasis. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates [more]
Announcing the publication of A Conservative Christian Declaration!
I am very pleased to announce the publication of a print edition of A Conservative [more]