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We Must Perpetuate a Conservative Christianity

Many Christians today are understandably concerned about the state of our nation. There seems to be corruption on many levels, and very few politicians appear worthy to be trusted. Where will our nation be in 10 years, when my children reach adulthood? What will it look like? What kinds of things that are mildly tolerated today will be viewed by our culture as “normal” then?

However, I would suggest that a more important question for Christians to ask is, “what kind of Christianity will we as parents leave for our children?” In other words, what will Christianity look like in a few years? I firmly believe that Christ is building His church, just as He promised, and that He will continue to do so. I am also aware, though, that Christianity as a whole seems to be drifting further away from its biblical and theological moorings the longer time goes on.

Just as there are loud calls from political conservatives against various kinds of corruption within our country, there should also be loud clarion calls by theological conservatives regarding the kinds of corruption that have been allowed into the realm of Christianity. As parents, we must consider what kind of Christianity we are promoting to our children. As churches, we must consider what kind of Christianity we are promoting in our ministries.

Are we promoting a trendy Christianity, where we jump on the latest bandwagon of popular speaker, book, or artist? Do we jump from one car to another in an attempt to keep the emotional train of Christianity chugging along? Christianity has never been “trendy” and if that is the kind of Christianity we are promoting, then it is corrupt.

Are we promoting a lawless Christianity, where we teach verbally, or with our actions (or both) that Christianity has very little or nothing to do with laws of holiness? Do we seek to excuse our ongoing sinful thoughts, actions and words as believers by claiming that it is all under grace? If that is what we are promoting in our Christianity, then it is corrupt.

Are we promoting a consumerist Christianity, where it becomes merely a smorgasbord of opportunities for us to pick and choose what we want? Do we as parents view the local church as a place to meet our needs and/or our children’s needs rather than a place to grow and serve? Do we as church ministries seek to offer as many programs as possible in order to appeal to the widest audience? A consumer-driven Christianity is also corrupt.

Are we promoting an irreverent Christianity, where God is viewed as our “buddy” or someone with whom we fall in love? Is our view of God such that we believe He is basically like us, fashioning Him to be in our image? A Christianity without a biblically-based reverence for God is also corrupt.

Are we promoting a stodgy Christianity, where we prohibit fun, laughter, and enjoyment of life? Is our view of Christianity such that we have sucked all the joy out of it? A stodgy Christianity is just as corrupt as the others.

By corrupt, I do not mean that those who promote such things are unbelievers…necessarily. My point here is to raise the question about what kind of Christianity we are seeking to conserve as Christian parents and ministries. This is a question that must be addressed, not because Christianity will cease to exist, but because the kind of Christianity that truly honors God is under attack.

As parents and church ministries, we must realize that historic Christianity will naturally go against the cultural norms of any society. We must understand that God’s command to be holy in all of our lifestyle is an undeniable imperative for every Christian, meaning that there are laws and principles of holiness that must be followed. We must grow in our knowledge and reverence for God, always keeping in mind that He is highly exalted, yet desires a relationship with each of us. We must create in every generation a mindset to serve rather than to be served as consumers. We must always remember that the biblical Christian life is a joyful life, full of excitement in a vibrant relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I believe that the kind of Christianity which ought to be perpetuated is conservative in nature. By this I mean (among other things) that it is not trendy, lawless, irreverent, consumer-driven, or stodgy. If we perpetuate this kind of conservative Christianity, I believe that our testimonies before our young people, and before the lost world, will only be enhanced and God will ultimately be glorified.

Note: this was originally posted here and is republished by permission from its author.

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