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Before the Cross

My Lord, my Master, at Thy feet adoring,
I see Thee bowed beneath Thy load of woe:
For me, a sinner, is Thy life-blood pouring;
For Thee, my Saviour, scarce my tears will flow.

Thine own disciple to the Jews has sold Thee,
With friendship’s kiss and loyal word he came;
How oft of faithful love my lips have told Thee,
While Thou hast seen my falsehood and my shame!

With taunts and scoffs they mock what seems Thy weakness,
With blows and outrage adding pain to pain;
Thou art unmoved and steadfast in Thy meekness;
When I am wronged how quickly I complain!

My Lord, my Saviour, when I see Thee wearing
Upon Thy bleeding brow the crown of thorn,
Shall I for pleasure live, or shrink from bearing
Whate’er my lot may be of pain or scorn?

O Victim of Thy love, O pangs most healing,
O saving death, O wounds that I adore,
O shame most glorious! Christ, before Thee kneeling,
I pray Thee keep me Thine for evermore.

– Jacques Bridaine, 1701-1767
Translated by Thomas Benson Pollock, 1836-1896

David de Bruyn

About David de Bruyn

David de Bruyn pastors New Covenant Baptist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a graduate of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (M.A.T.) and the University of South Africa (D.Th.). Since 1999, he has presented a weekly radio program that is heard throughout much of central South Africa. He also blogs at Churches Without Chests.

3 Responses to Before the Cross

  1. Thank you, Pastor, for posting this moving hymn- especially at this time of year. It is one with which I am not familiar although, according to, it is included in at least twenty-six hymnals (historic and current), and experienced a 'spike' in inclusion since the 1970s.

    As a matter of personal curiosity only, what is your 'background' with this hymn, and what (outside of The Holy Spirit) prompted you to post it? I have received it twice in the last two days! Maybe He is telling me something (Rev. 2:4?) to which I do well to pay attention!

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    Jim Lowery

    Richmond, VA USA

  2. Hi Jim,

    Around this time, I often look into Tozer's anthology, and particularly his devotional meditations on the cross. This one was less familiar to me than some of his others, and I'd thought I'd post a lesser-known one.

  3. Ah! "The Christian Book of Mystical Verse." A wonderful treasury! This hymn had not made such an impact on me before. Perhaps because, as in a rich meal, I'm surfeited from reading too much at one sitting.

    Thank you again for helping me see both The Savior's sacrifice and this hymn with fresh eyes.

    Keeping The Feast . . .

    Jim L.

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