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Music’s Power

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"The Tozer Collection: Worship Music"

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MUSIC. There is about music a subtle charm that no normal person can resist. It works to condition the mind and prepare it for the reception of ideas, moral and immoral, which in turn prepare the will to act either in righteousness or in sin. The notion that music and song are merely for amusement and that their effects can be laughed off is a deadly error. Actually they exercise a powerful creative influence over the plastic human soul. And their permanent effects will be apparent in our growth in grace or in evil.

Born After Midnight

What about the music you enjoy? It seems almost too late in these times to try to warn against what many in our society seem to revel in—the vile, vicious, obscene gutter language of so much popular music. It is not overstating the case to insist that the kinds of music you enjoy will demonstrate rather accurately what you are like inside. If you give yourself to the contemporary fare of music that touches the baser emotions, it will shape your mind, your emotions, your desires, whether you admit it or not.

You can drink poison if you want to, but I am still friend enough to warn you that if you do, you will be carried out in a box. I cannot stop you, but I can warn you. I have not the authority to tell you what you should listen to, but I have a divine commission to tell you that if you love and listen to the wrong kinds of music, your inner life will wither and die.

Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts

The influence of the erotic spirit is felt almost everywhere in evangelical circles. Much of the singing in certain types of meetings has in it more of romance than it has of the Holy Ghost. Both words and music are designed to rouse the libidinous. Christ is courted with a familiarity that reveals a total ignorance of who He is. It is not the reverent intimacy of the adoring saint but the impudent familiarity of the carnal lover.

Born After Midnight

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David de Bruyn

About David de Bruyn

David de Bruyn pastors New Covenant Baptist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a graduate of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minnesota and the University of South Africa (D.Th.). Since 1999, he has presented a weekly radio program that is heard throughout much of central South Africa. He also blogs at Churches Without Chests.

2 Responses to Music’s Power

  1. Excellent quotes here, David. Music reveals a lot about a person (their values, mindsets, etc.), and where they are going (by that I mean direction in life). Similar to Facebook, it let's you in on what a person "likes," but then do you meddle with them, or let them go? I think a true friend isn't afraid to try to help another even at the expense of losing a relationship. Thus far, I like what you have written about re: rap as medium, etc. I actually heard an "IFB" teacher explain how that rap can be used if "done correctly" (whatever that means). That doesn't speak well that teacher's thinking and direction.

  2. Bill,

    One of the worst things about our current situation is that those who took up the position as ostensible 'cultural conservatives', through their goofy arguments, provided ammunition for opponents to lampoon, and excuses for others to keep drifting toward aesthetic liberalism. Today, people dismiss thoughtful arguments like those of Tozer and Machen by conveniently lumping them with the goofballs. Convenient perhaps, but enough vocal IFBers provided a conspicuous enough goofball-dump to be used almost effortlessly by evangelicals and others.

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