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Why Sabbatical and Scholé?

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"Sabbatical and Scholé"

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Why this new page on Religious Affections, and why “sabbatical” and “scholé” [skoh-LAY]?

Scott has been given a sabbatical this semester from his teaching responsibilities at the seminary in order to have time to research and write. During this time the Lord has opened the door for our family to go to the UK for a little over four months, where Scott will be preaching in churches almost every Lord’s Day and teaching at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, and where I will be taking our homeschool abroad. We hope to make living connections to many places and people we’ve read about and enjoy the beauty and culture of another country. Our homeschool will certainly take on a new shape as we slowly travel from country to country, ancient remote island to bustling capital city to quaint medieval village, but we will continue our homeschool vision—joyfully searching for wisdom and beauty and forming habits of Christlikeness.

While the main page didn’t seem the right venue for sharing all this with you, we wanted to make a page ( available for those who wanted to follow along with our ministry and homeschool in Britain. Thus, this new page is dedicated to that end. It will focus on both our sabbatical—a rest from work—and our scholé—restful learning. Scholé is the Greek word for “leisure” and the origin of our English word “school.” It implies a seeking of the Good, True, and Beautiful and then a contemplation and leisurely discussion of what one has found.

This page will be full of our travel photos and will document our adventures abroad, our ministry opportunities, and our living homeschool experiences. We hope you enjoy following along with our sabbatical and scholé!


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