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The Sacred Composition Legacy of Joan J. Pinkston

The John Ness Beck Foundation seeks to “encourage and promote the writing of traditional sacred music.” One of the means through which they encourage this is through an annual program “which recognizes current composers of traditional sacred choral music by selecting two compositions yearly which best exemplify the type of writing that fit the criteria… Continue Reading

Quality Sacred Music You Can Afford

Imagine quality church music by major composers available for you to use at the click of your mouse. Imagine choral and instrumental pieces you can print, copy, and distribute to your musicians at a moment’s notice. Imagine new hymns you can find by theme and use with you congregation. Now, imagine paying whatever you can… Continue Reading

Commissioning Hymns

Commissioning Hymns

Many of us bemoan the fact that there really aren’t very many new, fresh, yet profoundly conservative hymns with rich, doctrinal texts and stable, lasting tunes being written today. There are some. The best I know of are being written by Paul Jones in collaboration with a few pastor/theologians. You can find those hymns here.… Continue Reading