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The Discipline of Loving God’s Command to Love Others

The Discipline of Loving God’s Reflection in Others

Public Worship: The Discipline of Loving God Among and Through People

Consecration, Conformity to Christ and Private Worship

Lift Your Hands and Move Your Lips

Communion in Private Worship

Private Worship: Loving God Directly in Solitude

Where The Differences Lie

The Ditches of Discipline

Part V. New Nurture – The Gospel and New Disciplines

Communication of Christ

Loving Obedience

Cleansing and Conformity

Loving What God Loves

The Method and Means of Consecration

Consecration: Rescuing the Lawful from Idolatry

Confession After Sin

The Actions of Confession

Confession: Taking God’s Side Against Yourself

Conviction: Out of Step