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Musical Fruit

Musical Fruit

Chris Anderson asked recently for recommendations of “knock-your-socks-off-gorgeous instrumental music.” I’m always a bit wary of a steady diet of “knock-your-socks-of-gorgeous” music, but there certainly is a place for some lighter music now and then in between regular meals! So here’s what I offered. Actually, most of this is what I would consider fruit: very… Continue Reading

CD Review: Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise. Publisher: SoundForth, 2007 $15.95 Item #: 242982 Purchase: SoundForth This recent release from SoundForth (2007) of brass and organ would be an excellent addition to your sacred music library. Each selection is outstanding, the arrangements (mostly by David Rasbach) are masterful, and  the performances (by BJU faculty and students)… Continue Reading

Introducing InTune

InTune is a newsletter for church music directors, church musicians, and pastors (especially those without qualified music directors). Each issue will include review of church music, including carefully selected choral music, instrumental selections, etc. for the local church as well as practical articles, CD recommendations, church music tips, hymn analyses, and more. InTune is a… Continue Reading